1 Wk Itinerary

DAY 1 : Taha'a (10nm)

Welcome to the base in Marina Uturoa. After the chart briefing and orientation, sail to the east side of Taha'a. Anchor at one of the nicest spots north of the Mahea motu. Nice snorkelling spot near the coral reef or in the Passe Tohaotu - Dinner aboard.

DAY 2 : Bora-Bora (22nm)

Sail down the Teavanui Pass, a 4-5 hour passage downwind. Anchor at Motu Topua for swimming and snorkelling, and then take a mooring at the Bloody Mary restaurant.

DAY 3 : Bora-Bora

Explore Bora-Bora. Sail to the east side of the lagoon to discover the traditional lagoonarium where you can swim with turtles, friendly rays, sharks and different kind of fishes. In the afternoon sail down to southern shore of Bora-Bora and explore the magnificent coral garden.

DAY 4 : Raiatea (22nm)

Start early in the morning to sail back to Raiatea for re-provisioning. Call first and then sail to the Anapa Pearl farm. Take a mooring at the pearl farm - Dinner aboard.

DAY 5 : Taha'a (10nm)

Visit the Anapa pearl farm in the morning then sail to Tahaa after lunch. Take the Vanilla Tour mooring for the night in the Hurepiti Bay on Taha'a. Dinner aboard.

DAY 6 : Motu Tautau

After breakfast, join Alain and Christina Plantier for the Vanilla Tour excursion. Sail to the Motu Tauta. Anchor in the south of the Motu Tautau and dinghy to the coral river between the 2 motus. One of the nicest snorkelling spots in Polynesia. Dinner "chez Louise" - overnight on one of her moorings.

DAY 7 : Marina Uturoa

Relax or move back to the south of Tautau for a snorkelling exploration between the barrier and the motu. After lunch, sail back to the base.

Tahiti 1 week sailing holiday itinerary