1 Wk Gothenburg

DAY 1 : Gothenburg

Gothenburg is the gateway to the stunning archipelago on the West Coast of Sweden. The city is also Scandinavia’s largest and busiest port, and seafaring culture is very evident throughout the area.

DAY 2 : Marstrand (19nm)

The sailing centre of Sweden's west coast. A small town built on the herring trade, it became a popular seaside resort in the 19th century and now hosts many sailing regattas.

DAY 3 : Gullholmen (20nm)

At the far west of the Bohuslän archipelago is Gullholmen, one of the most beautiful fishing villages on the west coast.

DAY 4 : Hunnebostrand (19nm)

One of Bohuslän’s oldest coastal towns, dating from 13th century and a popular holiday spot with a good harbour, nice beaches and lots of street life in summer.

DAY 5 : Käringön (17nm)

A typical fishing village with a vibrant island scene.

DAY 6 : Åstol (7nm)

An island of rock, Åstol sits off Tjörn in southern Bohuslän. In the port is the well-known smokehouse, Åstol Rökeri and restaurant which holds music nights.

DAY 7 : Gothenburg (20nm)Gothenburg 1 week sailing holiday itinerary