1 Wk Itinerary

DAY 1 : Miami (18nm)

Provision in the morning so you can board and depart by 2pm. Sail to Miami and spend the night at Dinner Key Marina, Bay Side Marina, Miami Beach Marina or anchor in “No Name Harbor” at the southern tip of Key Biscayne. If staying at anchor at No Name Harbor be sure to take time the next morning to check out the nature trails, visit a top 10 beach in the USA and climb the historic Cape Florida Light House.

DAY 2 : Pumpkin Key (17nm)

Depart from the Miami area and sail south down Biscayne Bay, anchor on the inside of Elliott Key (Swim, Snorkel, Beach). Spend the afternoon there and then sail a little further south to spend the night behind Pumpkin Key.

DAY 3 : Marina del Mar (26nm)

Sail out through Angel Fish Creek to Hawk’s Channel. Sail to Little Grecian Rock Reef. This is where you will find the Christ of Abyss Statue under water. The statue’s spread arms seem to welcome you to the reefs of the Florida Keys. After a great day on the reef, sail to Key Largo and pull into Marina Del Mar.

DAY 4 : Post Card Marina (14nm)

Sail southwest in Hawks Channel to Hen’s and Chickens Reef, a very shallow reef, great for kids and conditions are always calmer than the outer reef. After lunch, sail the short distance to Post Card Marina at Holiday Isle Resort where you will find a great beach, watersports and wonderful restaurants. The Theatre Of The Sea is very close by and has performances for the family or a longer cab ride can take you to the Florida Keys Dolphin Research Center, where you can swim with the dolphins.

DAY 5 : Rodriguez Key (24nm)

Depart Holiday Isle early and sail the short distance to Indian Key. Pick up a mooring ball at the Indian Key Anchorage. Historic Indian Key is a small island and a state park. There are no services on the island other than ruins from an early 1800’s settlement and a self guided tour explaining the rich history of the Wrecker’s who settled on the island and were overrun by the native Indians. After a short visit, sail northeast on the outside of the reef allowing the Gulfstream to help you along. If you are making good time you can always stop at one of the many reefs along the way as they all have recreational day mooring balls open to the public. Sail all the way back up to Rodriguez Key.

DAY 6 : Upper Biscayne Bay (50nm)

A Full day's sail on the outside up to Government Cut and into Miami or Old Biscayne Channel and into Upper Biscayne Bay. Sailing with the Gulf Stream will make for a very fast sail. Keep your eyes open for wildlife such as sea turtles, flying fish, and dolphin. Once you get to Upper Biscayne Bay or the Miami area choose from the many marinas, moorings, and anchorages to spend the night.

DAY 7 : Fort Lauderdale (18nm)

Sail on the outside up to Port Everglades and back to marina

Florida Keys 1 week sailing holiday itinerary