1 Wk South

DAY 1 : Kos

Embark at Kos marina in the centre of town.

DAY 2 : Kamari, Kos (15m)

Kamari on the south-west corner of Kos, is a pleasant spot for swimming and relaxing on the beach.

DAY 3 : Tilos (40nm)

An island off the tourist track. It is a small and remote island which hasn't lost its traditional and picturesque character. Livadia is the main harbour on the island.

DAY 4 : Rhodes (30nm)

Where the ancient Colossus once stood astride the entrance. Explore the medieval walled town.

Symi (32nm)

Symi has one of the most beautiful, serene harbours in Greece. The day trip boats from Rhodes leave in the late afternoon and the yachtsmen have the harbour front to themselves.

DAY 6 : Niseros (23nm)

Take a bus trip from the harbour to visit the dormant volcano crater. Many of you rate this as the highlight of the trip.

DAY 7 : Kos (23nm)

South Kos Dodecanese 1 week sailing holiday itinerary