Explore the Turkish coast with the help & advice from the lead crew.

Great fun for couples, friends & families!

To charter a yacht bareboat or on flotilla you should be Day Skipper standard and be assisted by at least one competent crew.

At present you need an RYA Day Skipper qualification or RYA International Certificate of Competence (ICC) for charters in Croatia, Mallorca, Tenerife and Malta.

The RYA ICC will be ever more required by overseas port authorities but if you have skipper experience it is easily obtained in a day from RYA sailing schools in the UK such as Hamilton Sailing or Brixham Sea School 


Whether you are an experienced sailor or setting foot on a yacht for the first time, we can offer you a holiday afloat to suit you. We have given all the sailing areas a level with 'Experience Level 1' suitable for less experienced crews and 'Experience Level 3' for the experts.    

This takes into account the wind strength, tidal range and currents, distances between stops and ease of mooring. Of course even experts may choose to sail in Level 1 areas as they still offer stunning scenery and great sailing.

Experience Level 1: Gulf of Fethiye

Generally light winds Force 2-4, line of sight navigation, shorter sailing distances under 20nm. You will be Day Skipper standard having sailed at least 1 week or 100nm as skipper.

Experience Level 2: Orhaniye, Bodrum & Marmaris

Stronger winds up to Force 3-5 with some longer passages up to 30nm. You will be Day Skipper standard having sailed at least 2 weeks or 200nm as skipper.

Experience Level 3:  

Stronger winds up to Force 4-7 which can lead to bigger seas on long passages between the islands. You will be Coastal Skipper 
standard with experience to a higher level having sailed at least 4 weeks or 400nm as skipper.


Don’t miss Bodrum’s impressive 15th-century castle. Built by the Knights of St John from the ruins of the Mausoleum, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Wander around the courtyard with its displays of ancient amphoras and visit the Underwater Archeology Museum. It exhibits fascinating aquatic finds and hauls from ancient shipwrecks, including the famous Glass Wreck, which sank in 1025 while carrying three tonnes of glass.

The ancient Carian city of Knidos is one of the more impressive ruins in Turkey. In the 4th century BC Knidos was a rich cultural and artistic centre of the ancient world and home to the legendary statue of Aphrodite. The day trip boats leave just as the yachts arrive in the early evening and a peaceful calm descends on the ruins. In the evening or early morning you can wander freely around the ruins of streets, houses, temples, churches and amphitheatres of this once great city.

Take a boat trip in the Dalyan Delta, meandering through a maze of reeds past 4th century Lycian rock tombs and the rocky acropolis of Ancient Caunos. Visit the mud baths and cover yourselves in therapeutic sulphur mud - great fun for all ages! Once the mud’s dried, wash yourself clean in the neighbouring clear water springs. The whole process is believed to relieve rheumatism and cleanse and tone your skin, too. The nearby sandy Caretta Beach is one of the last breeding grounds of the famous loggerhead turtles.


Flotillas in Turkey

An ideal mix between sailing your own yacht and having the support and advice of the lead crew to make the most of your holiday.

If you have sailing experience you can join a flotilla and skipper your own yacht. Less experienced skippers will appreciate help from the flotilla skipper with mooring stern to or bows to the quayside at the end of an enjoyable afternoon's sail. More experienced skippers join a flotilla for the social life. It's a popular choice for couples, friends and families. During the school holidays there are usually other families in the flotillas so it's fun for the kids as well.

The itineraries are arranged so that you visit the best places but there is always the opportunity for free sailing. Stop for a lunchtime swim and picnic in a beautiful bay. Enjoy great sailing in the afternoon breeze. In the evenings you will moor up on restaurant jetties or town quays or anchor in deserted bays.

Flotillas in Turkey

The Fethiye Flotilla suits less experienced sailors as the Fethiye Bay is a sheltered sailing area with many protected coves to explore. Every other week the flotilla heads out of the Bay and sails west to Ekincik and the Dalyan Delta - ideal to stretch your sea legs on a longer day sail.

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"We had an absolutely brilliant trip. Very well organised. Super boat. Great location. I had been a bit worried about starting from Athens rather than from the islands... but I couldn't have been proved more wrong. Thank you so much for such brilliant service."
Athens 2014 - E.B-J

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