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Yacht Ownership

Are you are thinking of buying a new yacht and putting her with a charter fleet? Speak to us about the best deals for you. With over 18 years experience of yacht charter throughout the Mediterranean and Caribbean, Nautilus Yachting is ideally qualified to advise you on yacht charter management.

Many people would love to own their own yacht but are put off not so much by the initial investment but by the ongoing expense of mooring fees, insurance and seemingly endless maintenance costs. They also find that they have limited time to spend on their yacht and do not want to spend most of this time cleaning, preparing and tinkering with their pride and joy. The end result is that they spend less time sailing than they would have hoped and at greater expense than they had planned.

With the banks currently offering derisory savings rates, the return on yacht investment can look most attractive. And with your yacht based in the Med or Caribbean you don’t need to factor in the unpredictable British weather!

The top reputable and well-established fleets worldwide, with whom we have worked for many years, offer yacht charter management schemes for new yachts and catamarans and we are happy to advise on which is best for you. We offer a wide range of yacht ownership programmes. Here are a few examples:

Kiriacoulis yacht ownership


Kiriacoulis have one of the largest charter fleets in the world with over 400 yachts in 26 bases throughout the Mediterranean in Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Italy and France plus Martinique in the Caribbean. This gives you the opportunity of either using your own yacht or a similar yacht in another location. There are 2 ways to own your own yacht, both of which appeal in their different ways:

Guaranteed income

Pay the full price of your Kiriacoulis yacht equipped to the level required for their charter fleet. You will then receive a guaranteed annual income over the next 3 ½ or 5 ½ years. The income is 9-10% per annum on the purchase price for 5 ½ years or 11-12% over 3 ½ years, depending on the exact model of yacht. At the end of the programme you can take the yacht out of charter to sell or keep as your personal yacht. Many owners trade their yacht in towards the purchase of a new charter yacht to maintain the income.

Single payment

If you prefer a smaller up-front payment, pay a percentage of the purchase price, usually 55-59% for a 5 ½ year scheme. You receive no income during this period but full ownership of the yacht is yours at the conclusion to sell or keep as your personal yacht.

With both schemes there is NO additional costs for mooring, insurance or maintenance and you will receive a number of FREE sailing weeks on your yacht or a similar yacht from another base.

Odysseus Yacht Ownership


Many of our clients have experienced first-hand the quality of yachts in the Odysseus fleet based in Palairos in the Southern Ionian in Greece. This family-run charter operation has been in business for over 35 years offering bareboat and flotilla sailing holidays.

Single payment

Buy a new yacht to join the fleet in the Ionian for just 58% of the cost without any additional expenses and after 5 ½ years take full ownership of your yacht. No further payments are required from you and all costs such as insurance, mooring fees, repairs and maintenance will be entirely covered by Odysseus. Sit back and enjoy the rewards of yacht partnership, including up to 8 weeks of FREE sailing weeks on your yacht.

Guaranteed income

Pay the full price of your yacht fully equipped for the charter legislation requirements. You will then receive a guaranteed annual income over the next 3 ½ or 5 ½ years at your choice, with an income of 9-10% per annum on the purchase price for 3 ½ years, or 8 -9% over 5 ½ years, depending on the model and size of yacht.

Navigare Yacht Ownership


Purchase a yacht or catamaran through Navigare Yacht Sales in Greece, Croatia, Turkey, BVI, Thailand and Sweden. With 14 years experience as one of Europe’s leading Charter Management Operators and with hundreds of yacht investors, Navigare Yachting has customised four different investment programmes to meet your needs and ensure a successful investment in a yacht and your future dream holiday.

Ownership Programmes

All four programmes share the same mutual benefits:
- Sail a yacht at any of their worldwide bases without the hassle of a traditional boat ownership. All the additional costs and maintenance are handled by Navigare.
- Navigare Holiday Programme: choose between spending your holiday sailing, in a luxury villa in Italy or Thailand or maybe skiing in the Alps.
- Swedish service and maintenance standards of your yacht, thereby increasing the resale value of the yacht.
- Choose a new or pre-owned yacht from Hanse, Lagoon, Jeanneau, Beneteau or Bavaria.
- Receive brokerage support with the resale of your yacht or choose an extension of up to 2 years within the same investment programme.

For more details please call Jonathan Shears 01732 867445 or e-mail him direct on jonathan@nautilusyachting.com to discuss the choices available to you.

Please note that these yacht charter management schemes are only open to new yachts and catamarans purchased through the scheme.

"We have just returned from a fabulous 2 weeks sailing from Fethiye. It was easily the best experience we have had with perfect sailing weather throughout. The area around Fethiye Bay is lovely and there is plenty of historic and natural interest as well as beautiful clear water for swimming and great food. Our flotilla leaders, Mike and Debbie are the best we have come across and have to sing their praises! They have so much sailing experience and an excellent knowledge of the local area where they have developed good relationships with local people, that helped to make our visits to restaurants etc even better. We will definitely be visiting Turkey again-would love to sail with Mike and Debbie again-but have been impressed with the maturity, experience and humour of other Nautilus leaders on other trips as well, so, as they say, we'll be back!"

Fethiye flotilla 2016 - M.O.

Sailing Qualifications

To skipper a bareboat charter or flotilla yacht, you need to hold a practical sailing certificate equivalent to RYA Day Skipper Practical qualification or RYA International Certificate of Competence (ICC). For charters in Greece, you must now have the ICC certificate. You must also be assisted by at least one competent crew member over the age of 18.

For charters in Croatia, Malta and the Canaries, at least one member of the crew or the skipper will also need a VHF licence.

RYA qualifications can be obtained by RYA sailing schools in the UK or alternatively choose from one of our overseas centres in Gibraltar, Greece or Turkey.

For Caribbean and Tropical charters, formal qualifications are not compulsory, however, you should be Day Skipper standard and be assisted by at least one competent crew. A brief sailing resume should be provided to outline your experience.

If you don't hold the relevant qualifications then why not add a skipper?

Sailing Levels

Level 1

Winds force 2-3 (4-11 Knots)combined with generally shorter distances. Good for beginner or intermediate sailors. Line-of-sight navigation but basic knowledge of charts and ability to plot your position required.

Level 2

Winds force 3-5 (7-21 Knots) with approximately 15-20nm per day. Intermediate experience required. Predominately line of sight navigation but an understanding of how to sail in open water.

Level 3

Winds force 4-6 (11-27 Knots) with mileage of approximately 20nm+ per day. Ideal for experienced skippers looking to venture out to new destinations. Day skipper standard but with experienced crew would be recommended.