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Suggested 1 week itinerary Nov-Apr

This itinerary is suitable during Northwest winds (Nov-Apr).

DAY 1 : Embark at Baie Sainte Anne on Praslin. Don't leave the island without a visit to Vallee de Mai, home of the unique Coco de Mer palm. 
DAY 2 : La Digue (6nm). Anchor at Petite or Grande Anse and rent a bike to visit this beautiful island with its white tracks winding under tall palm trees, fine white sand beaches and large polished rocks.
DAY 3 : Curieuse (7nm). Sail around Marianne and Félicité. Anchorage on the west coast of Grande Soeur for lunch. Unforgettable snorkelling at Cocos Islands. Go to Curieuse and anchor for the night in Baie Laraie on the east coast. Curieuse, part of the Marine National Park is the home of hundred or so giant turtles, you cannot miss them
DAY 4 : St Pierre (6nm). Sail to St Pierre islet, a mass of rounded rocks crowned with a clump of tall palms swaying gently in the wind, typical and superb scenery of the Seychelles. Excellent spot for snorkelling with magnificent underwater scenery. Go back to Baie Laraie for the night .
DAY 5 : Aride (12nm). Aride Island is a conservation area and a haven for a wide variety of seabirds, unique vegetation and rare land birds. The ten species of breeding seabird include the rare roseate tern and the red tailed tropicbird. The world's largest colony of lesser noddy, more than 200,000 couples nest there. Open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays. Back to Baie Laraie for the night
DAY 6 : Cousin (15nm)Cousin Island is a nature reserve and bird sanctuary with rare species and some giant turtles. Less than 800 meters in diameter, the island can be visited from Tuesday to Friday. Go to Baie Sainte Anne on Praslin for the night.
DAY 7 : Explore the coast of Praslin (10nm). Stunning beaches make this a great place to relax and the smaller surrounding islands are very close. Return to Baie Sainte Anne.


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"(Letter to the Azulia crew) Now that we are home again and have time to reflect on our week with you on Azulia, I just wanted to thank you both for your wonderful help in the total enjoyment of our week. We loved everything about the boat and the care you gave us. The meals were memorable, delicious and varied. It is wonderful to have such fresh and imaginative salads everyday when at sea! We loved the quiet bays, the snorkelling and swimming. It did us both a lot of good and we are so pleased to have had such a great experience on your lovely boat. Thank you for organising the lovely lobster supper and champagnešŸ„‚ to welcome my husband into his 78th year! All in all it was a superb week!"
Crewed Catamaran Azulia BVI 2017 - A.G.


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