1 Wk Jardines de la Reina

DAY 1 : Cienfuegos Marina

Embark at Cienfuegos marina and take advantage of the local nightlife.

DAY 2 : Guajimico (15nm)

Sail to Guajimico, an area known for its excellent snorkeling and diving.

DAY 3 : Cayo Blanco (40nm)

Sail south east to Cayo Blanco, a beautiful and uninhabited island.

DAY 4 : Cayo Zaza de Fuera (20nm)

On the way to Cayo Zaza de Fera visit Cayo Machos de Afuera, home to iguanas and a small restaurant.

DAY 5 : Cayo Bretón (20nm)

Cayo Breton is separated by several narrow channels and marked by a lighthouse. This is the start of the Jardines de la Reina (‘Gardens of the Queen’), a nature reserve area of exceptional unspoilt beauty. Flamingos, turtles and iguanas roam here, and the snorkelling on the coral reefs in spectacular - look out for pirate treasure said to be hidden on the cays.

Day 6 : Marina Trinidad (50nm)

Sail back to civilization at the full-service Marina Trinidad.

DAY 7 : Cienfuegos (60nm)

Spend the day exploring Trinidad. Leave in the late evening hours to sail back to Cienfuegos through the night. Arrive back at base early morning.

Cuba Jardines de la Reina 1 week sailing holiday itinerary